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    Number of records: 1632

    46) A prioritized crop wild relative inventory to help underpin global food security

    The potentially devastating impacts of climate change on biodiversity and food security, together with the growing world population, means taking action to conserve crop wild relative (CWR) diversity is no longer an option—it is an urgent priority. CWR are species closely related to crops, including...

    Subject: Crop wild relatives, neglected and underutilized species

    Regions: Global

    Publication year: 2013

    47) A Regional Approach to Nordic Crop Wild Relative in situ Conservation Planning

    Crop wild relatives (CWR) can provide one solution to future challenges on food security, sustainable agriculture and adaptation to climate change. Diversity found in CWR can be essential for adapting crops to these new demands. Since the need to improve in situ conservation of CWR has been recognized...

    Subject: Crop wild relatives, neglected and underutilized species

    Regions: Europe

    Publication year: 2019

    48) A Regional Workshop on Farmer’s Rights and Agro-biodiversity Exhibition

    This article summarizes the achievements of the Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers' Rights Authority (India) in 2017 and 2018. Many workshops on Farmers' Rights and Agro-biodiversity were organized during this period: a regional workshop on Farmers' Rights and Agro-biodiversity exhibition (2017),...

    Subject: Crop diversity

    Regions: Asia

    Publication year: 2018

    49) A Review of Indigenous Food Crops in Africa and the Implications for more Sustainable and Healthy Food Systems

    This synthesis presents a literature review relating to underutilized indigenous crop species and foods in Africa. It organizes the findings into four main contributions, nutritional, environmental, economic, and social-cultural, in line with key themes of a sustainable food system framework. It also...

    Subject: Crop wild relatives, neglected and underutilized species

    Regions: Africa

    Publication year: 2020

    50) A Review of Participatory Plant Breeding and Lessons for African Seed and Food Sovereignty Movements

    There is growing awareness of the unique and important role smallholder farmers around the world play in conserving, using and enhancing biodiversity. Conventional breeding has created a separation between farmers and specialised breeders. Participatory plant breeding (PPB) is a field of action developed...

    Subject: Plant breeding techniques and approaches

    Regions: Africa

    Publication year: 2018