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    36) A holistic approach to enhance the use of neglected and underutilized species: the case of Andean grains in Bolivia and Peru

    The IFAD-NUS project, implemented over the course of a decade in two phases, represents the first UN-supported global effort on neglected and underutilized species (NUS). This initiative, deployed and tested a holistic and innovative value chain framework using multi-stakeholder, participatory, inter-disciplinary,...

    Subject: Crop wild relatives, neglected and underutilized species

    Regions: Latin America and the Caribbean

    Publication year: 2014

    37) A Hot Spot of Olive Biodiversity in the Tunisian Oasis of Degache

    Tunisia is one of the world’s largest producers of olive oil, and it preserves pools of olive genetic diversity that are still unexplored. In order to cover the region’s gaps for exploring new olive germplasm, a governmental program of the Olive Institute, the Oasis Regional Center of Research of...

    Subject: Crop diversity

    Regions: Africa

    Publication year: 2020

    38) A level up: Community seed banks in Nepal join forces

    Community seed banks in Nepal have a long and rich history, but it is only recently that they have come together to form the legally registered national Community Seed Banks Association of Nepal (CSBAN), probably the first such association anywhere in the world. 

    Subject: Farming Systems

    Regions: Asia

    Publication year: 2020

    39) A List of Crop Wild Relative in Situ Conservation Case Studies

    This report provides an extensive list of experiences related to in situ conservation of crop wild relatives, resulting from a survey of scientific publications, websites and direct contacts with the people who took part in them. It comprises 57 initiatives with the names of the networks, the type of...

    Subject: Crop wild relatives, neglected and underutilized species

    Regions: Europe

    Publication year: 2020

    40) A manifesto to ensure a voice for farmers in Uganda

    This good practice fact sheet describes an initiative to canvas the views and demands of Uganda’s smallholder farmers on measures required to boost the country’s agricultural performance as a driver of both the national economy and for raising incomes among agricultural value chain players. The creation...

    Subject: Recognition schemes for farmers

    Regions: Africa

    Publication year: 2021