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    41) A modern breeding project to improve the yield of various crops in Africa

    Yield improvement of important African food crops will get a boost with the launch of the Modern Breeding Project, to be implemented by the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) in collaboration with Bayer. The research will focus on ensuring that cassava, maize, cowpea, banana, yam,...

    Subject: Plant breeding techniques and approaches

    Regions: Africa

    Publication year: 2020

    42) A New Native Seed Cooperative Aims to Rebuild Indigenous Foodways

    The Indigenous Seed Growers Network sprouted from the pandemic, and is quickly evolving to help communities secure their own food systems for generations to come. In recent months, the cooperative has hosted a seed census which involves identifying where seeds are located and how much seed supply each...

    Subject: Seed system

    Regions: Global

    Publication year: 2020

    43) A Nordic Regional Approach for Crop Wild Relative (CWR) Conservation

    The Nordic project “Ecosystem services: Genetic resources and crop wild relatives” was initiated with the long-term aim to assure conservation and sustainable use of the wild genetic resources associated with future food security. Short-term aims were: • Establishing a Nordic network for CWR...

    Subject: Seed system

    Regions: Europe

    Publication year: 2017

    44) A paradigm shift in Farmer Field Schools methodology in Eastern Africa

    Farmer Field Schools have been a success across Africa, and as a result, demand continues to grow. In Kenya and Uganda, for example, the approach has been, or is being, institutionalized in national extension policies and systems, and other countries have indicated an interest in doing the same. The...

    Subject: Farming Systems

    Regions: Africa

    Publication year: 2021

    45) A Participatory Agrobiodiversity Conservation Approach in the Oases: Community Actions for the Promotion of Sustainable Development in Fragile Areas

    Rural development policies today include significant directions towards ecological transition and sustainability. Biodiversity plays a fundamental role, especially in fragile environments. The North African oases, for example, are socio-ecological structures with delicate balances in terms of natural...

    Subject: Traditional Knowledge

    Regions: Africa

    Publication year: 2021