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Publications and datasets citing GLIS DOIs

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Resource DOITypeTitlePublishedAuthorsJournalPublisherCited DOIs
10.1007/s10722-018-0619-4PaperGenotyping-by-sequencing reveals the origin of the Tunisian relatives of cultivated carrot (Daucus carota)2018‑03‑06Najla Mezghani|Holly Ruess|Neji Tarchoun|Jihene Ben Amor|Philipp W. Simon|David M. SpoonerGenetic Resources and Crop EvolutionSpringer55
10.1186/2047-217X-3-8PaperThe 3,000 rice genomes project: new opportunities and challenges for future rice research2014‑05‑28Jia-Yang Li|Jun Wang|Robert S ZieglerGigaScienceOxford University Press2,597
10.1017/S1479262118000205PaperILB 938, a valuable faba bean (Vicia faba L.) accession2018‑08‑06H. Khazaei|W. Link|K. Street|F. L. StoddardPlant Genetic ResourcesCambridge University Press1
10.1101/830059PaperUnraveling the complex story of intergenomic recombination in ABB allotriploid bananas2019‑11‑04A. Cenci|J. Sardos|Y. Hueber|G. Martin|C. Breton|N. Roux|R. Swennen|S. C. Carpentier|M. RouardPreprintbioRxiv43
10.1038/s41467-018-05538-1PaperAn imputation platform to enhance integration of rice genetic resources2018‑08‑25Diane R. Wang|Francisco J. Agosto-Pérez|Dmytro Chebotarov|Yuxin Shi|Jonathan Marchini|Melissa Fitzgerald|Kenneth L. McNally|Nickolai Alexandrov|Susan R. McCouchNature CommunicationsNature Research3,956
10.1186/2047-217X-3-7PaperThe 3,000 rice genomes project2014‑05‑28CAAS|BGI|IRRIGigaScienceOxford University Press2,597
10.5524/200001DatasetThe Rice 3000 Genomes Project Data2014‑05‑27GigaScience Database2,597
10.1093/jxb/ery358PaperSeed longevity phenotyping: recommendations on research methodology2018‑05‑11Fiona R. Hay|Rocel Valdez|Jae-Sung Lee|Pompe C. Sta. CruzJournal of Experimental BotanySociety for Experimental Biology40
10.1038/s41598-019-44637-xPaperTranscriptomic analysis of resistant and susceptible banana corms in response to infection by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense tropical race 42019‑06‑03L. Zhang|A. Cenci|M. Rouard|D. Zhang|Y. Wang|W. Tang|S. ZhengScientific ReportsNature1
10.1007/s00122-019-03519-6PaperStructural genome analysis in cultivated potato taxa2019‑12‑31Maria Kyriakidou|Sai Reddy Achakkagari|José Héctor Gálvez López|Xinyi Zhu|Chen Yu Tang|Helen H. Tai|Noelle L. Anglin|David Ellis|Martina V. StrömvikTheoretical and Applied GeneticsSpringer Link12
10.1002/csc2.20034PaperVariance component estimations and mega-environments for sweetpotato breeding in West Africa2020‑01‑27Swanckaert J|Akansake D|Adofo K|Acheremu K|De Boeck B|Eyzaguirre R|Grüneberg WJ|Low JW|Campos HCrop ScienceWiley24
10.1038/s41597-020-0428-4PaperGenome assembly of six polyploid potato genomes2020‑03‑11Maria Kyriakidou|Noelle L. Anglin|David Ellis|Helen H. Tai|Martina V. StrömvikScientific DataNature Research Journal6ón del rendimiento de clones avanzados de papa (Solanum tuberosum L.) con pulpa pigmentada - Cajamarca2014 Roberto Hugo Tirado MalaverAgronomíaUniversidad Nacional Pedro Ruiz Gallo5
10.1017/S0960258518000211PaperImprovement in rice seed storage longevity from high-temperature drying is a consistent positive function of harvest moisture content above a critical value2018‑07‑10K.J. Whitehouse|F.R. Hay|R.H. EllisSeed Science ResearchCambridge University Press (CUP)19
10.1038/s41598-019-48691-3PaperThe horizontal gene transfer of Agrobacterium T-DNAs into the series Batatas (Genus Ipomoea) genome is not confined to hexaploid sweetpotato2019‑08‑29Dora G. Quispe-Huamanquispe|Godelieve Gheysen|Jun Yang|Robert Jarret|Genoveva Rossel|Jan F. KreuzeScientific ReportsNature77álisis de la diversidad genética de papas nativas (Solanum sec. Petota) de la comunidad de Chahuaytire, integrante del Parque de la Papa (Pisaq-Cusco), y de las papas nativas repatriadas por el Centro Internacional de la Papa usando marcadores microsatélites2007 Rojas Domínguez, PercyCyberthesisUniversidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos232
10.1270/jsbbs.57.263PaperAssessment of Genetic Diversity of Philippine Rice Cultivars Carrying Good Quality Traits using SSR Markers2007‑12‑14Victoria C. Lapitan|Darshan S. Brar|Toshinori Abe|Edilberto D. RedoñaBreeding ScienceJ-STAGE5
10.20944/preprints201806.0426.v1PaperWhen water runs dry and temperature heats up: Understanding the mechanisms in rice tolerance to drought and high temperature stress conditions2018‑06‑26Roel Rabara|Joseph Msanne|Marilyn Ferrer|Supratim BasuPrePrintsPrePrints2
10.3390/agronomy4020217PaperPhenotypic Diversity of Farmers’ Traditional Rice Varieties in the Philippines2014‑05‑13Roel C. Rabara|Marilyn C. Ferrer|Celia L. Diaz|Ma. Cristina V. Newingham|Gabriel O. RomeroAgronomyMDPI11
10.1088/1755-1315/482/1/012010PaperPhilRice Genebank: recent developments in managing and sharing the Philippine rice germplasm2020 M C Ferrer|M D Duldulao|X G I Caguiat|T E Mananghaya|MCV Newingham|JMZ Nombrere|JR Castro|D O Alfonso|J B Regalario|J B M Alvarino|I G Pacada|J M NionesIOP Conference SeriesIOP Science21