Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations  

International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture
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Registrants (1-20 of 18163)
PIDWIEWSAcronymFull nameCountry
00CW71(not set)Ольга ЮсимRussian Federation
00PY51(not set)Zyta SzlachtowskaPoland
00HV13(not set)Zuzanna TomaszewskaPoland
00GH55(not set)Zuzanna MuszyńskaPoland
00FV25(not set)Zuza DuszynskaPoland
00CD43(not set)Zsuzsanna KokaiHungary
00EL56(not set)Zsuzsanna BellerHungary
00LT99(not set)Zsuzsa MolnárHungary
00MM25(not set)Zsolt ViszlaiHungary
00FQ36(not set)Zsolt HodoványHungary
00IF23(not set)Zsolt CsákányHungary
00FB20(not set)Zsofia SneddonHungary
00CD31(not set)Zsofia DuschanekHungary
00DT95(not set)Zsanett PandurHungary
00FT30(not set)Zoltán Zsolt KoppHungary
00EL80(not set)Zoltán TiszlaviczHungary
00FA76(not set)Zoltán SzászHungary
00MI41(not set)Zofia RozynekPoland
00IG85(not set)Zoé NysBelgium
00KF87(not set)Zoe CesanaItaly