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    1) A case for crop wild relative preservation and use in potato

    Crop wild relatives (CWR) offer a critical resource to address food security needs by providing genetic diversity for crop improvement, leading to increased plasticity and productivity of farming systems. However, plant breeders typically have not developed systematic or comprehensive strategies for...

    Subject: Crop wild relatives, neglected and underutilized species

    Regions: Global

    Publication year: 2013

    2) Biodiversity of Turkey Contribution of Genetic Resources to Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems

    This book presents selected genetic resources and their contribution to sustainable agricultural practices and food systems. The paramount objective of this book is to create public awareness about the value of biodiversity by bringing this information to a broader public audience as well as to the attention...

    Subject: Crop diversity

    Regions: Europe

    Publication year: 2018

    3) Data Management in Community Seed Banks

    Community Seed Banks (CSBs) collect and record different types of data that can be stored and analysed to support actors in managing crop diversity. Databases are efficient tools to store and manage information in CSBs. A survey was conducted to identify how DIVERSIFOOD seed savers ́ and farmers...

    Subject: Farming Systems

    Regions: Europe

    Publication year: 2019

    4) Developing sustainable food value chains – Guiding principles

    Aimed at policy-makers, project designers and field practitioners, this publication provides the conceptual foundation for a new set of FAO handbooks on sustainable food value chain development. It defines the concept of a sustainable food value chain, presents a development paradigm that integrates...

    Subject: Seed system

    Regions: Global

    Publication year: 2014

    5) Diversified Food System: Policy to Embed Crop Genetic Diversity in Food Value Chains

    Current food systems and associated agricultural practices have led to a loss of crop diversity. The re-introduction of diversity in the agrifood systems is a complex process that involves a variety of realms, the mobilisation of multiple forms of knowledge and the active participation of all the diverse...

    Subject: Crop diversity

    Regions: Europe

    Publication year: 2019