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    16) 40 Years of Nordic Collaboration in Plant Genetic Resources

    This book is a celebration of 40 years of Nordic collaboration on plant genetic resources. Highlights include NordGen's work in crop conservation, the Svalbard and international collaboration.

    Subject: Seed system

    Regions: Europe

    Publication year: 2019

    17) 5 Key Resources on Gender approach in Access and Benefit Sharing

    In terms of biodiversity conservation women are key players. They maintain a tight relationship with genetic and biological resources, as users, managers, and custodians of the biological diversity. However, their role as part of decision-making processes at their communities is often limited. This issue...

    Subject: Farming Systems

    Regions: Global

    Publication year: N/A

    18) 9 Key-Concepts of Food Diversity

    DIVERSIFOOD is a H2020 European project (2015-2019) aiming to enrich cultivated biodiversity by testing, renewing and promoting underutilized or forgotten crops, species and varieties. Using the multi-actor approach, it supports the dissemination of a new food culture, based on diverse, tasty and healthy...

    Subject: Crop diversity

    Regions: Europe

    Publication year: 2017

    19) A Brief Review of Molecular Techniques to Assess Plant Diversity

    Massive loss of valuable plant species in the past centuries and its adverse impact on environmental and socioeconomic values has triggered the conservation of plant resources. Appropriate identification and characterization of plant materials are essential for the successful conservation of plant resources...

    Subject: Crop diversity

    Regions: Global

    Publication year: 2010

    20) A Comprehensive and Participatory Approach to the Valorisation of Biodiverse Products

    Preserving agro-biodiversity can contribute to the broader goal of protecting and enhancing biodiversity. Acknowledging and managing the complexity of values connected to agro-biodiversity, translating them in coherent practices, is the key to its conservation and valorisation. These processes may take...

    Subject: Crop diversity

    Regions: Global

    Publication year: 2018