Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations  

International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture
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Registrants (41-60 of 18163)
PIDWIEWSAcronymFull nameCountry
00LG81(not set)Adèle PrelyFrance
00FI28(not set)Adele Rita MediciItaly
00JJ07(not set)Adèle StromboniFrance
00CX23(not set)Adélia LoureiroPortugal
00MJ67(not set)Adelien DaelsBelgium
00EX26(not set)Adelina Gracia BellodSpain
00LY11(not set)Adelina Gracia BellodSpain
00EH14(not set)Adelina PerraItaly
00BY75(not set)Adelina SousaPortugal
00JF19(not set)Adeline et Willy moro-brissaudFrance
00JV17(not set)Adeline GaiFrance
00QH49(not set)Adeline ThevandFrance
00CG93(not set)Adelmo Della PietraItaly
00LO51(not set)Adina OlteanuSweden
00NP67(not set)Adina WagnerGermany
00HE53(not set)adobritei alexRomania
00MU23(not set)Adolf PernerGermany
00IM73(not set)Adriaan OosterlynckBelgium
00DE79(not set)Adriana AnselmoPortugal
00DR71(not set)Adriana BerlibaRomania