Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations  

International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture
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Registrants (61-80 of 18163)
PIDWIEWSAcronymFull nameCountry
00OP01(not set)Adriana CanilliItaly
00IM63(not set)Adriana DepauItaly
00GB73(not set)Adriana EcheverríaSpain
00DT93(not set)Adriana Giuseppina GurizzanItaly
00CD39(not set)Adriana MaffeisItaly
00IB37(not set)Adriana Matiz ChicacausaItaly
00KE37(not set)Adriana OliverSpain
00PB09(not set)Adriana PalombariniItaly
00FD06(not set)Adrian berliGermany
00HZ45(not set)Adrian BürknerGermany
00PI95(not set)Adrian GlembockiGermany
00LJ01(not set)Adrian Gonzalez SaezSpain
00KP41(not set)Adrian KobowGermany
00DF25(not set)Adriano AraldiUnited Kingdom
00PW91(not set)Adriano IslandaItaly
00PG25(not set)Adriano MinelliItaly
00CF19(not set)Adrie KloostermanNetherlands (Kingdom of the)
00EM54(not set)Adrien CortesFrance
00QK43(not set)Adrien DAUBIGNEYFrance
00HW55(not set)Adrien GirbautFrance